Are You an Allergy Sufferer? Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

Cleaning to rid allergens

Spring is now officially in full swing, but with it comes allergies for many of us. You may be one of the people living in our luxurious Woodbury Park at City Centre apartments community who are plagued by allergies. It can be hard to alleviate the effects of allergies indoors because there is no shortage of allergens in your home. However, these cleaning … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss the Saint Paul Winter Carnival January 23 – February 2

Around Town, family fun, things to do in St. Paul, things to do in Woodbury MN, Woodbury Park at City Centre apartments

Don't stay inside all winter being depressed and longing for summer! There are plenty of things to do near Woodbury to keep you happy, excited, and socialized through the long cold months. Don't believe us? Just check out the Saint Paul Winter Carnival for proof! Taking place from January 23rd through February 2nd, the carnival includes dozens of events … [Read more...]

Just Moved In? Where to Start Unpacking

Apartment Living, moving tips, new apartment, Woodbury Park at City Centre apartments

You have just moved in to your new apartment. Looming in front of you are boxes in every room. Where do you start? It can be overwhelming once you move into a new place and knowing where to start can just seem to be too much. Take advantage of these moving tips when trying to figure out where to begin. The bedroom is probably the best place to start. … [Read more...]

Bake Your Own Cookie Gift Tags

cookie gift tags food & wine

Everyone loves receiving holiday gifts! Knowing a loved one thought about you and picked out a present especially for you makes it even better! Show your friends and family you care by labeling your gifts with cookie gift tags. It's a fun project which will make holiday gift opening even happier. Start with a basic sugar cookie dough recipe. When … [Read more...]

Celebrate the Season With a Wreath Party

paper flower wreath craft foxes

Making wreaths with friends is a fun way to celebrate the holiday season. You get to interact with your loved ones, and you make a beautiful craft that you can use to decorate your apartment. These holiday tips will ensure that your wreath-making party is the event of the season. Visit a local craft store, and purchase a variety of wreath forms for you … [Read more...]

Holiday Decorations for Every Budget


  Is the cost of decorations keeping you from decorating your apartment this holiday season? Set your financial worries aside. With these holiday tips and tricks, you can impress guests with your decor and still keep your wallet full. Use lights and a floor mirror to create classic appeal. You probably already have a mirror, and a set of lights only … [Read more...]

Why You’ll Love Living at Woodbury Park at City Centre

Balcony + Dog

A luxury apartment in Woodbury with balcony is the ideal place to live because you are centrally located and close too all activities that the city of Woodbury, Minnesota has to offer.  You can sit on your balcony during the evenings and enjoy the city lights.  Despite being in the hub of everything, the apartments at Woodbury are quiet a and peaceful with … [Read more...]

Minnesota Musicians You Should Give A Shot

The Persian Leaps

Minnesota has had history of breeding some of the best musical acts of our generation, including Bob Dylan from Hibbing, and Prince from Minneapolis.  Today's music scene in Minnesota is also raising some talented musicians that are looking to reach similar heights.  Here a few of Minnesota's favorites: Atmosphere: Atmosphere is a hip hop duo, with Ant … [Read more...]

Best Sports Bars near Woodbury


Having a luxury apartment in Woodbury with a balcony is very desirable amenity; it provides a place where you can watch the stars as well as enjoy the breeze and breathtaking views. On the other hand you may choose to enjoy your time in a nice bar near Woodbury.  There you can also catch up on sporting events such as NCAA's March Madness. The Joe … [Read more...]

Great Group Date Ideas in Woodbury


At your luxury apartment in Woodbury Park, you're surrounded with neighbors that may share similar interests or personalities.  Such a neighborly atmosphere inspires friendship, and what do friends like to do? Hang out. In the Woodbury area there are several fun activities to choose for a set of couples to enjoy on a doubt date or even a general group … [Read more...]