Visit the Clinic at Jing River Acupuncture

Acupuncture in Woodbury

If you're looking for professional acupuncture in Woodbury, MN consider visiting the Clinic at Jing River Acupuncture. Acupuncture is a non-invasive technique that promotes good health without the use of traditional western medicine. Acupuncture is often used to treat a wide range of conditions including back pain, neurological disorders, headaches and much … [Read more...]

Grab a Drink at the Sgt. Peppers Grille & Bar

Sgt Peppers Grille in Oakdale MN

When you think of restaurants in Woodbury, you’ll think of Sgt. Peppers Grille & Bar right off the bat. Sgt. Peppers is the latest find in Woodbury Park’s love affair with our local eateries. This is a place where the easy-going staff and the local ambiance make you feel like you’re at a friend’s place. Sgt. Peppers has interesting menus … [Read more...]

Woodbury’s Fine Dining Options: Sole Mio Ristorante

sole mio

Woodbury Park at City Centre is one of the premier apartment homes in the area, located at 2150 Vining Drive in Woodbury, the community offers a wide range of two and three bedroom floorplans in beautiful multi- and single-level townhomes.  These townhomes offer a number of upgrades including fireplaces and private one and two car garages. The … [Read more...]

How to Add Some Height to Your Apartment Design

add height

Add more visual height, sophistication, and balance to your Woodbury apartment by changing certain design details in it. Here are three apartment design ideas for adding height to the rooms in your apartment. Decorate your living room with a ladder shelving unit or another piece of tall furniture. You could also put a floor lamp with an arch light … [Read more...]

Get a Great Workout at USA Karate


Exercise is important for kids and adults, but for many, tedious activities like jogging, running or lifting weights just aren't fun – especially for children. That’s where activities like karate classes can be beneficial. Along with the physical benefits, karate classes at USA Karate can also help adults and children learn other good habits that can be … [Read more...]

Bake Your Own Cookie Gift Tags

cookie gift tags food & wine

Everyone loves receiving holiday gifts! Knowing a loved one thought about you and picked out a present especially for you makes it even better! Show your friends and family you care by labeling your gifts with cookie gift tags. It's a fun project which will make holiday gift opening even happier. Start with a basic sugar cookie dough recipe. When … [Read more...]

Girl’s Night Out: What to Do and Where to Go in Woodbury


Women hold the weight of the world on their shoulders. We are career women but also run our households. From making executive decisions to making peanut butter sandwiches, it all falls on us and we do it with a graceful smile and an eye on detail. Therefore, when it comes for a Girls Night Out in Woodbury, it is well deserved. Here are a few night to dos … [Read more...]

Great Group Date Ideas in Woodbury


At your luxury apartment in Woodbury Park, you're surrounded with neighbors that may share similar interests or personalities.  Such a neighborly atmosphere inspires friendship, and what do friends like to do? Hang out. In the Woodbury area there are several fun activities to choose for a set of couples to enjoy on a doubt date or even a general group … [Read more...]

Shoe Stores in Woodbury: Where to Get Your Kicks

Shoes feature.jpg

Just a fifteen minute drive east from the Mall of America lies the city of Woodbury, an ever expanding and improving city of over 60,000 people.  Woodbury has much to offer in the way of shopping, dining, parks, entertainment, and more.  The city also as some great options for shoes of any kind, from sneakers to dress to boots. Now you don't have to … [Read more...]

Become A Runner In One Of America’s Best Running Cities

running feature.jpg

Do you love to run, or interested in taking up running? Then you'll definitely want to check into renting an apartment in Washington County near trails. This is a great city for runners to live in, and it's even been rated in the Top 10 of Best Running Cities in the U.S. by Why are the Twin Cities the best spots for runners? There's a 50-mile … [Read more...]