Give Your Fitness Routine a Little Variety

Give Your Fitness Routine a Little Variety

If you're looking for fitness tips to help take working out in your Woodbury Park at City Center to the next level, why not try these squat variations? A basic squat involves standing with feet shoulder-width apart and extending your arms straight in front of you at shoulder height. Push your hips back and bend your knees, then straighten … [Read more...]

Great Spots to Meet and Mingle in Woodbury


Meeting new people in your community doesn't always have to take place in a bar or lounge or restaurant (although there's nothing wrong with that), it can happen at the least likeliest spots. In fact, your dog can be an ice breaker while you're out walking him or her! Here are some great spots to meet and mingle in Woodbury: Golf Course: The Eagle … [Read more...]

Fulfill Your Resolutions With Woodbury’s Nutrition Club

nutrition club in Woodbury

Feeling like your apartment in Woodbury isn't as full of healthy foods as you'd like it to be?  Resolve to lose weight and eat healthier this year by joining Nourish, which can help you plan meals and live a healthier life along with becoming stronger and losing unwanted pounds in 2013. Nourish is a nutrition club that's not just about losing weight; … [Read more...]

Natural Immune Boosters Around Woodbury For Flu Season

immune boosting foods

When it comes to the changing seasons, staying healthy is a priority, and eating right and exercising at your apartment in Woodbury with fitness center should be of the utmost importance.  Avoid getting winter colds and flu by eating foods that will step up your natural immune boosters. Start your day off with a healthy breakfast that includes immune … [Read more...]

Register For Holiday Runs Near Woobury

Thanksgiving race near Woodbury

Now that you’ve spent time getting in shape at your apartment in Woodbury with fitness center, you can easily take part in some of the holiday runs in your area, as long as you get registered in time. The Hale to the Bird 5K will be held at Hamlet Park, about 20 minutes away, on Thanksgiving Day at 9 a.m., benefiting the local Friends In Need Food … [Read more...]

Great Yoga Studios To Try Near Woodbury

yoga studios near woodbury

We love to provide services that help our residents live healthy lifestyles.  This is best illustrated in our apartment in Woodbury with fitness center as we have great equipment to help you stay fit. Along with our fitness center, there are many yoga studios around our area that would be a great compliment to your exercise regimen, especially during … [Read more...]

See You At Woodbury Park’s Annual Resident Pool Party

Woodbury Park pool

Summer's not over yet - meet your neighbors by the pool this August 23 for the Annual Resident Pool Party at Woodbury Park at City Centre.  Plus, don't miss Woodbury Days this August 24-26! Bring your swimsuit and an appetite for delicious food, plus fun games and prizes, 4-7 p.m., at the pool party.  Although your Woodbury apartment community offers a … [Read more...]

The Minnesota Warrior Dash Is Back Near Woodbury

Minnesota Warrior Dash

Since you live in an apartment in Woodbury near trails, that might be you we see all the time out there running.  It can be a great time running the serene trails, but sometimes you want a little challenge and adventure to go with your run.  In that case, you might want to check out the Minnesota Warrior Dash this September. The Warrior Dash is a 5K, … [Read more...]

Summer Activities At Afton Alps

AFton Alps

The Woodbury trails are a fantastic place for not only walking and running but also with athletic sporting events and team activities.  Living in an apartment near Woodbury trails gives you a chance to participate in as many of those fun activities as possible. When you're looking for a chance to participate in those fun activities outside of the area, … [Read more...]

Salsa Into Shape At Woodbury’s Tropical Ballroom

ballroom dancing in woodbury mn

If you’ve spent the last few months at your Woodbury apartment with fitness center building strength and getting toned, it’s time to show off the results of your diligence.  Take a break from the routine and get a workout while learning new dance moves at the Tropical Ballroom Studio. There are lots of opportunities to learn a variety of dance styles … [Read more...]