Keep Your Life Organized With These 4 Lists

lists you can keep on your phone

Gone are the days of keeping lists on your refrigerator at your apartment, but keeping lists is still an important way of keeping your life organized.  Instead, most people are using their cell phones to keep lists.  Here are four lists to help keep your life organized. Books to read: Books are a great conversation piece, especially when you are … [Read more...]

Celebrate National Peach Month With These Unique Peach Recipes

Cooking with peaches

One of the perks of summertime is an abundance of juicy summer fruit. National Peach month celebrates a particularly delicious seasonal treat - the peach. Why not complement your next summer party with one of these mouth-watering peach recipes? You will have plenty of time to get ready for guests by using your crockpot to prepare the main course. … [Read more...]

Upcycle Your Recycling Into Toys for the Kids in Your Life

upcylcle trash to toys

One parent's recycling can be a little one's treasure, and this is certainly true when it comes to recycling. We have found several green DIY projects you can try right in your Woodbury Park Apartments. Use the following green living tips to create new toys from old items. Candy Box Car: You can easily make a candy box car for your little one by … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Autumnal Candles With These Fall Scents

fall candle scents

Autumn is on our doorstep and is always associated with warm colors and rich scents. Take on a DIY crafts project this fall by making your own autumnal candles. To make your candle, you need to choose your wax. There are four main types of wax: soy, palm, paraffin, and bees wax.  Palm and soy wax are both made from renewable resources and thus … [Read more...]

Perfect Your Swing at Highland National Golf Course for National Golf Month

Saint Paul Public Golf Course

August is national golf month and if you were looking for things to do near Woodbury, go and perfect your golfing skills at one of our national golf courses. Highland National Golf Course is an up market municipal golf course in St. Paul. It re-opened 9 years ago after two-years of construction and the addition of acreage. It features a good … [Read more...]

Are You a Book Lover? Celebrate National Book Lover’s Day at These Indie Bookstores

indie bookstores in st paul

If you love spending time reading in your Woodbury Park apartment, then you're in luck! August 9th is National Book Lover's day, so head plan on celebrating with a trip to the book store. If you are a book lover, celebrate National Book Lover's Day at these Indie Bookstores. Head out to Birch Back Books and Native Arts. You get more than just … [Read more...]

Getting Married? Check Out These 6 DIY Flower Girl Accessories

DIY Flower Girl Accessories

There is so much you can do at home at our luxurious Woodbury Park at City Centre apartment community. If you are getting married, you can even do your wedding planning at your apartment. To save money, you can create your own DIY flower girl accessories. For a floral crown, use a fabric mini-rose bouquet and an elastic band. Cut the rose stem and … [Read more...]

The Best Hiking Trails Near Minneapolis


Perhaps the best reason to choose living at our luxurious Woodbury Park at City Center is that there is always something to do right nearby. If you enjoy getting outdoors and taking in the sights while exercising at the same time, you can go on a nice, brisk hike. Fortunately, there are several good hiking trails near Minneapolis that you can consider … [Read more...]

Three Creative Uses for Tension Rods

tension rods

When you live at our luxurious Woodbury Park at City Centre apartment community, there is always much you can do to make your home even better. If you could use some good apartment living tips to organize your things more efficiently, you might want to consider using tension rods. You would be surprised at the ways you can creatively use them that you … [Read more...]

Want a Short Vacation? Visit the Birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder


There are many things you can do nearby your home at our luxurious Woodbury Park at City Centre apartment community. You can go out for great day trips near Minneapolis that are fun, educational and chock full of history. One of the best ones you can go on is to the Village of Pepin, Wisconsin, which is the birthplace of the famous and beloved novelist … [Read more...]