Taste a Slice of Greatness at Joey’s Pizza

Joey’s Pizza boasts some of the tastiest pizza and Italian cuisine found near your Woodbury apartments.  Source: Facebook

What’s better than great pizza available for pick-up or delivery? The same available in a new dining area! That’s what you’ll find at Joey’s Pizza located at 1850 Weir Drive in Woodbury. A quick 10 minute drive from your apartment, Joey’s Pizza has been feeding hungry residents with their Midwestern take on classic pizza pies of New York or … [Read more...]

Go Green This Spring Here at Your Woodbury Apartments

Here are some great green living tips for everyone here at your Woodbury apartments.  Source: morgueFile

Spring is always as good a time as any to think about ways to go green. Following these green living tips will help you get started on living a greener lifestyle just in time for spring. Spring is always a good time for getting clutter and unused items out of your apartment. Items that you haven't used in a year or more are good candidates for donation … [Read more...]

Learn CPR at the Afton Road Fire Station

The Afton Road Fire Station is offering a "hands-only" CPR course on June 9th. Source: morgueFile

Receiving CPR as soon as possible can buy time for paramedics to arrive at the scene, thus making the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, as many as a third of all individuals who suffer cardiac arrest outside of a hospital fail to get the help that they need from bystanders, thus making their chances of survival much more … [Read more...]

Give Back to the Woodbury Community by Volunteering with the CCEFS

The Christian Cupboard Emergency Food Shelf is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to volunteer and help out the greater Woodbury community.  Source: Facebook

Are you searching for a way to give back to the Woodbury Park community? Consider volunteering for the Christian Cupboard Emergency Food Shelf. The organization brings hops and health to people in need by providing food and other essentials. CCEFS accepts donations from individuals, groups and businesses. You can purchase and donate food items, such as … [Read more...]

Take a Trip to Carver Lake Park & Beach

Take advantage of spring's warmer weather and "stretch your legs" around Carver Lake Park & Beach.  Source: Yelp

This time of year, it's nice to get outdoor and enjoy the beauty of nature. A perfect place to head for your dose of outdoor adventures is Carver Lake Park & Beach. Just a few minutes from Woodbury Park Apartments, the park offers cycling trails, hiking, picnic areas and more. For some refreshing exercise, head to the Carver Lake off-road cycling … [Read more...]

Enjoy Tasty AND Healthy Vegan Cuisine at Ecopolitan

The Ecopolitan Restaurant boasts some of the tastiest AND healthiest cuisine of any restaurant found around Woodbury.  Source: Facebook

When you eat fresh, whole foods, your health and mentality improves. You'll find it easier to lose weight, keep your heart in good shape, and reduce your risk of long-term diseases like cancer. Healthy food can also be tasty, and Ecopolitan Restaurant proves that. Ecopolitan Restaurant is known for its meals that are as good for your body as they are for … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Help You Deal With Your Springtime Allergies

Here are some handy tips to help you deal with your springtime  allergies as the weather gets warmer and pollen begins to proliferate.  Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

The arrival of spring is always exciting. Flowers start to bloom, and you can finally go outside again without a heavy coat. For allergy sufferers, however, springtime allergies can wreak havoc on your ability to enjoy this season. Here are some tips to deal with them, so you can get on with enjoying your life. Start treating your seasonal allergies … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Show Mom You Care This Mother’s Day

Here are a few ideas for anyone looking to show their mom that they care on Mother's Day.  Source: morgueFile

Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, May 10th. This year, don't leave your planning until the last minute. Start thinking now of ways to show your mom you care. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Make your mom a homemade craft. This does not have to be anything complicated. Something as simple as a wooden frame that you decorate with a little … [Read more...]

Head Over to DeLeo Bros. Pizza Today

DeLeo Bros. Pizza boasts some of the tastiest 'za found near your Woodbury apartments.  Source: Facebook

If you're looking for great pizza restaurants in Woodbury, there's no better choice than DeLeo Bros. Pizza. Offering pizzas made with the best ingredients, as well as an assortment of other Italian favorites, they're sure to satisfy your cravings every time. At DeLeo Bros., the pizzas are all made from scratch. All of the dough and the secret garlic sauce … [Read more...]

Let Your Imagination Go Wild at the Minnesota Zoo

There are plenty of outstanding activities and exhibits going on this spring at the Minnesota Zoo.  Source: Facebook

As spring rolls into Woodbury, it's the perfect time to start spending more time outside, and visiting places like the Minnesota Zoo. At the zoo, you can learn more about the animals than every before, while also engaging in plenty of hands-on activities. Fun things to do at the zoo include: Watching a penguin feeding. The penguins are fed by the … [Read more...]